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Power Tower | SynergyAIR (LED)


Never before has one machine offered so much. The Power Tower allows for a low impact, max output workout offering up to, but not limited to, 8 different operation modes spanning form total body climbing, upper body push pull movements, to deadlifts and squats. It truly is the most versatile piece of equipment on the market. Utilising the patented integrated continuous variable transmission this allows you to train cardio or max strength. Requiring less than 1sq/m, it is designed to fit almost all indoor spaces, the possibilities are endless.

Power Tower | SynergyAIR (LED)
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Included Features

Multiple operational modes

Giving the ability to produce totally insane resistance levels.

Patented Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)

A game changer that allows for incline gradients up to 22% and dramatically improves durability and reliability.