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Treadmill | Drax (Android)

SKU: SD25-16XA

The DRAX Treadmill incorporates leading edge technology, superior biomechanics and is loaded with unique features, such as patented dual incline motors, providing superior stability, reliability and durability; enhanced floating deck technology, creating an optimally balanced comfortable and stable superior running experience; patented 'SpeedSync' automatic speed control technology, which allows the user to vary the treadmill speed automatically, without using any control buttons, naturally accelerating and decelerating in response to stride length variability sensing facilitated by the network of built-in force plate sensors built-in under the running deck.

Treadmill | Drax (Android)
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Included Features

SpeedSync Technology for enhancing wellness

Greater complexity, variability, responsiveness and adaptability are the hallmarks of a healthy system.

Patented Dual Incline System

A game changer that allows for incline gradients up to 22% and dramatically improves durability and reliability.

Patented Floating Deck Technology

Reduces shock load, making the whole user experience safer and more comfortable

SpeedSync Technology: How it works

A demonstration on the ease of using Speedsync Technology