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Leg Extension | Alpha Beta


The Leg Extension machine features Bilateral Stability Control for balanced strength development and Dynamic Variable Resistance Cam for a consistent resistance curve throughout the full range of motion. The intuitive and user-friendly 'get on and go' design ensures that users can quickly and easily adjust the machine to their desired settings. Unique open back design allows the user to lean back as far as desired, in order to facilitate placing the long head of rectus femorus on stretch, optimising total quadracep group recruitment, maximising the weight that can be lifted and making it easier to acheive full contraction lockout at the end of the movement.

Leg Extension | Alpha Beta
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Included Features

Patented Bilateral Stability Control

Provides instant sensory perception feedback to the user

Backless back support explained

The benefit of why we've gone backless

Fully Customisable Shroud

Stand out from the rest